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How Measure The Coal Stock

For accurate measurement prerequisite is essential.

(a) A plan showing the position of the coal stock and other necessary details on asmall scale.

(b) A Contour plan showing the spot levels and contours at 1 mt interval on a large scale.

(c) Compression factor should be known before.
For the measurement of coal stock, prepare the position of the stock approximately level.

Before the start the stocked of coal in yard, complete survey work and take reduced level at 2mt or 5mt interval of original ground level.

After a period when required the volume of the stock, complete the survey work in three steps.

(a) Survey and levelling work of bottom of the stock.

(b) Survey and levelling of the slope of the stock.

(c) Survey and levelling of the top of the stock.

    Reduced level of the above steps taken 2or 5mt interval.
           A plan of large scale prepare and write the both reduced level in different colour of 2or 5mt interval.

        Calculate the area of each cross-section and finally calculate the volume of coal by the trapezoidal rule.

Ton of coal = volume of coal in m3 × compression factor
Note: (A) compression factor change due to size, age, mode
          (B) Large stocks get more compressed then small stocks

          ( C) Different grade of heap also measured.

   Calculation from software based on surface.

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