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what is the use of surveying in mining

What is mine surveying.    
Mine surveying is the branch of mining engineering.
what- is- the- use- of- surveying- in -mining

Use of mine surveying.
Mine surveying is  used in mining mainly for measurement, calculation, mapping  and
management of data according to the economical and safe mining operations.

   For ascertaining, documentation to explain and utilizing a mineral deposited both on
the surface and underground.

       After collecting data prepaid plans and the sections.

    From the plans and sections, we maintain control correctness and safety of mining operations.
Estimations and progress determination and production of strata movement. Protective criteria
against harmful effects, Affected land reclamation, and environmental protection.

       Surveying is also used in mining to  comply with regulations governing mine surveying,
Mine plan and Sections related matters.

       For ensuring all mining work is carrying within permitted boundary limits.

       To maintain a permanent record of all the above physical features.  
·         Plans and sections have an important role in mining. Without surveying, we cannot
make plans and sections accurately.

Many types of surveys required a run for the mining project. It is divided into three steps.

 (a) Survey for recognition of mines. Surveying work needed for geological study and topography
of the virgin property.
what- is -the -use -of -surveying -in -mining

         Image of Topographical Map    

 (b)  Surveying work for statutory approvals. For statutory approval, many types of surveys are needed.
Land survey,  Gis survey, forest survey, etc.

( c ) If the mining operation is running. The survey needs to planning, volume calculation and
safety purpose.

·         Technique for the survey.

For Opencast surveying.

In the small mine surveying work completed by theodolite, compass, auto level and
total station, But in the large mine use modern survey for measurement and mining just
like the total station, aerial, and satellite mapping, GPS is also used for surveying purposes.

For underground mine surveying.

In the underground mine, aerial and g.p.s is not applicable, In the underground mine survey
work completed by total station, theodolite, compass, chain, and tape.

Types of survey used in mining operation

Cadastral survey:- Cadastral survey is used in mining operations to find the plot no.,
the boundary of the mine and to collect their data about the land.


Aerial survey:- Aerial survey is used in mining operations to discuss the concept and
the volume of work done.
In this method of survey is based on a photographic survey method. In airplane fitted a
photographic system for the taken photograph of the survey area. Nowadays use a drone
in aerial surveying.
what is drone survey

Location survey:- Location survey is used in mining operations to illustrate the existing
and proposed site location.

Nowadays for location survey GPS is used.

What is GPS and used in mining

Topography survey:- Topography survey is used in a mining operation to define the natural
and manmade structures in the mining area.

Geological survey:- Geological survey is used in mining operations to find the quantity and
quality of the mineral.

Mine survey:- Mine survey is used in mining operations to operate the mining and find the
volume and collect the data during mining operations.

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