Excavation according striping ratio


Excavation according striping ratio

In the mining operation striping ratio has important role of economic point of view& machine control. For this purpose a plan will prepare shown different striping ratio of the mine.
Calculation of striping ratio from bore hole data ,cut of ratio, dip of the seam & mining rule.
Striping ratio is also mention in approved mining plan calendar year program, and also given average striping ratio of hole of the mining excavation .

 In this chapter how to work with striping ratio of the mine. calculate the co- ordinate of first year excavation plan area . start the survey from base line and demarcate all co-ordinates on the ground .

A plan will also prepare shown proposed bench position for one year excavation. Here the important duty of surveyor control the machine and maintain  bench Hight and safety angle etc.
Office work :- Calculate the co- ordinate from the mining palan of striping ratio. Set the instrument on the station and demarcate all calculating co- ordinate


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