How to estimate the reserve in mining


How to estimate the reserve in mining

Upendra kumar

For the planing of any project in the mining, it is important. Calculation of reserve is used in setting life of the mine & economic point of view.

In the reserve calculation for an opencast project to determine of quality and quantity of project.

Calculation of reserve based on the basis of exploration report.

For reserve calculation following plans and details are required.

(I) Proved reserves: -It is based on geological evidence at 200 mt. In this method lines drawn of 200 mt interval trenches, mine working and borehole extension.
(ii) Indicated reserved:- It is based on the geological continuity at 1000 mt interval. Demarcate of outcrop at an interval of 1000 mt.
(iii) Inferred reserved:- In this reserve calculation are based on the basis of geological character of the seam lines drawn 1000 to 2000 mt from the outcrop.

Calculate the reserve in situ up to various cut of line and grade of coal.
Reserved quantity in tonees= Plan area × Thickness of seams× Sp. gravity of coal

Note:- For net reserve 10% deduct.


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