Importance Of Surveying and Leveling In Before Mining Activity .


Importance Of Surveying and Leveling In Before Mining Activity .

 surveying and levelling work has important role for location and topography for proving mineral area. surveyor duty read the ordnance survey map and start the survey from location prove in the survey map. During the topography survey, surveyor includes the details of location of boreholes. A plan also prepares using latitude and longitude and location of boreholes that are called geological plan.

The two coordinate choose from a geological map that is called study area co-ordinates. Study area co-ordinates is essential for topography to prove the mineral area. In ancient time the topography survey done by use of plan table, theodolite, compass and dumpy level. In this method more office work and manpower required. But now days improving survey and survey instruments. It is done by DGPS, TOTAL STATION, and use of DRONE. Data collected from above instrument and processing by software, like as Auto cad, Data mine, Surpac, Min ex and other more software available in the market. After complete the topographic survey study the prepared plan economic point of view.
A block boundary line also marks in the plan for submission mining lease.

  Drone survey or Ariel survey for captures the image of the study area for used in GSI platform.
Nowadays GSI platform used for land used pattern.  After study of GSI platform any other survey necessary up to mining lease grant like a forest survey for forest clearance or any statuary permission. 


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