Excavation according mining plan


Excavation according mining plan

                             LAYOUT OF FIVE YEAR EXCAVATION AREA

 Before the start of mining excavation its a important  duty of mine surveyor layout of excavation area .   surveyor study the layout plan of year wise and lay out on the ground.

 this plan is prepare according the requirement of mineral ,
 study the geological repot
 economic point of view.

 From the geological plan study the bore hole , geological disturbance , cut of ratio etc

In the layout plan fixed the striping ratio year wise. this lay out plan surveyor demark on the ground.

 For this work surveyor calculate the co-ordinates of top edge of excavation from lay out plan.

A base line mark on the ground from total station or RTK GPS . Calculate the co-ordinates of the top edge of the proposed excavation and co-ordinates mark on the ground. Draw the propped  section at interval 100 mt . Calculate the  quantity of over burden and coal . In the calculation following point  not ignored.
(1) the proper bench system according the mine safety rule .
(2) the geological disturbance.

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