How to identify and measure the plot of land


How to identify and measure the plot of land

Upendra Kumar.

How To identify and measure Plot Of Land:-www.technoupendra.comMethods of Distance Measurement In Surveying
In general life essential for information about land, Because land fulfils basic needs. Without land, life is not possible on earth. Thus it is essential to known measurement plot of land.

Before start, it becomes necessary to know some of the units from one system to another.

1ft=0.3048 mt
1mile=5280 ft
1sq mile=2.59 sq km
1sq mile=640 acres
1 acre =43560 sqft
1 acre=4047 sqm
1 hectare=2.471 acres
1 hectare=10000 sqm
1 decimal= 435.60 sqft
1 decimal= 40.47 sqm
1acre= 100 decimal
Revenue chain:--Revenue chain has a length 66' or 20.11mt long and it is divided into 100 small links. The small 1 link has a length of 0.66 feet. After 10 links a special arrow shown in chain which indicate 10,20,---etc.

For more about chain and distance measurement-
For measurement a plot of land known about cadastral map or revenue map. On the revenue map shown a scale, and its scale factor is 16"=1mile or 1cm on the map equal to 39.60mt on the ground.

                                                            image of diagonal scale.

     In the scale divided into chains and links, and has an arrangement for reading. In horizontal, the value of one small division is one chain, and in vertical the value of one small division is 20 links.

                                                                             Image of small scale

In the upper part of the scale the value of one small division is 20 links, and the lower part the value of one small division is 10 links.

Image of part map

In the small map shown a red spot at trijunction point. First, the identify trijunction point identify physically on the ground. If I have a task to identify the plot no. 134.
Measure the distance trijunction point to corners of plot no. 134 on the ground, and also in the map. If both distances are matched each other then this plot is 134.,
Again also check from other trijunction and surface feature shown on the map to the plot no. Then measure all sides of the plot, and calculate the area.
Calculation of area
Calculate the area of the plot on the ground with chain and multiply by 10. The answer in decimal.
  Calculation of the area of the plot depends on its geometrical shapes.
  For rectangular plot use formula Length ×Breadth
Ex. :-- 2.4 square chain ×10=24 decimal. And also confirm the area in the map.

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