The Use of 3D Laser scaning Technology in Mining and Surveying


The Use of 3D Laser scaning Technology in Mining and Surveying

Upendra Kumar

What is laser
Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. The laser produces a very narrow beam of light. This type of light is useful for technology and instrument.

Laser light
What is 3D scanning
3D laser scanning is a technology. In this technology, the digital captured the shape of physical objects by the used of laser light without non-contact and non-destructive.

3d scanner

PROCEDURE:- The process of scanning any object is, the laser light plunging on the surface of the object.  The sensor cameras continuously record the changing distance and shape of the laser line in three dimensions (XYZ).
After scanning the entire surface of the object a point cloud appears on the computer monitor.

Point cloud data or scan data is used in two ways.
1. Inspection:- inspection is the process of scan data converting in pdf format for colour map with the help of the comparison process.
2. Reverse engineering:- The point cloud data create a 3D CAD model. The CAD model is then modified in the CAD surface model.

  • Topographic survey.
  • Monitoring and rockfall analysis.
  • Design conformance.
  • Geological mapping.
  • Geotechnical or kinematic engineering.
  • Civil engineering.
  • Architecture and heritage mapping.
  • Agricultural and erosion studies. 
  • GIS mapping.

3D Scanner

Mobile survey scanner

  • Open-pit and quarry survey 
  • Stockpile volume measurement.
  • Blasting analysis.
  • Reconcile stockpile volumes.
  •  Dump monitoring.
  • Bench monitoring.
  • Underground survey.
  • Development of heading

  • The advantage of surveyed by a 3D scanner is better to manage the review of the working palace from production, cost control, and safety point of view in mining.
  • Real-time establish a high-resolution impression.
  • Easily register data to coordinate system.
  • Give the volume of various layers of excavation.
After the survey by the scanner establishes point data into a CAD surface modules, It's point data is triangulated to each other. The CAD surface modules are used for all types of plans and section preparation and volume calculation.

Triangulated surface

The triangulated surface is also viewed in the surface of the solid.

solid impression 

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