How To Develop Carrer In Surveying


How To Develop Carrer In Surveying

Upendra Kumar

How To Develop Carrer In Surveying

Surveying is the art of determining the position of an object, It has a large carrier opportunities. Surveying is done by the survey instrument, then today discussion about career opportunities in the surveying field as an instrument operator. Total station is one of the most popular survey instrument.stock-photo-a-land-and-construction-surveyor-equipment-a-robotic-total-station-theodolite-standing-on-a-tripod-714951001
For the handle of the total station required a trend person, that is called Total Station surveyor or Total Station operators.
For work as a total station surveyor or operator required sound knowledge of surveying and co-ordinate geometry.
Nowadays there are three ways available for the training of total station surveyors or operators.
1. In any government or private institutes:- Many of government and private institutions offered a short time training programs as a skill development program in the total station surveyors or operators.
2.  Many of the total station manufacture company also provide a training program for total station operators.  As an example:- Nokia world, Leica, Trimble, Topcon,  Pentax etc.
3. On jobs training:- If any person is working in a company where there the total station is using, they one of the great chance to trained as a total station operators.
Advance programs in the total station course   
  • Basics of total station
  • Total station traversing
  • Stakeout surveying
  • Topographical survey
  • Area calculation
  • Height calculation
  • Data transfer
  • Mapping etc.

      After completed training, they got the jobs in many functional areas.
  • construction work: Road, Railway, city planning survey and all types of construction work.
  • Mining
  •  Land survey
  • Quantity survey
  • Sea survey
  • Archaeological survey etc.
They will also work as a total station surveyor or operator in a national company, multinational company and outsourcing company etc.
If they are complete course of surveying in ITI, Diploma and Bachler Degree course, they will also get a Govt Job.
Following are complete course offered in surveying.
  • Diploma in surveying.
  • Diploma in land surveying
  • Diploma in mine surveying
and any other equivalent certificate courses are available.
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