How To Find The Volumes Of Excavation In Open-pit Mine


How To Find The Volumes Of Excavation In Open-pit Mine

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There are two types of work include finding a volume of excavation is an open-cut mine.

  • Measurement of the excavation area and collected the data.
  • Mapping and calculation of excavation area.
       Measurement of the excavation area.

  • (A)By taking reduced level at the same grid.
         For griding and taking reduced level to require theodolite and auto-level instrument.    
        The reduced level taking before mining starts the excavation.
           The reduced level also took after a period of excavation completed.



        (B) For taking a random point reduced level.
          This method is completed by a reduced level taken by Total station, GPS, 3D scanners or drone.

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    If different strata are found during excavation take the measurement of different strata.

    After collecting all data there are generally three methods available for calculation volume.

    1. (a) By manual plot the cross-section, and measure the cross-sectional area the help of graph or planimeter etc.

    (b) By plot the cross-section by auto plotting with the help of software.

    2. By the calculation method the use of formula trapezoidal rule, primordial rule, coordinate calculation rule etc.

    Volume Formula by the use of Trapezoidal Rule

    Volume:- D/2{A0+2A1+2A2+.........+2An-1+An}

    Where D= Distance of the grid.
    A1, A2 etc cross-sectional area.

    3. By the use of software:- In this method, the collecting data is put in the form of 3d form.
    and a make the composite surface of initial and final data and calculate automatically area and volume.

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