How to read levelling staff


How to read levelling staff

 Upendra Kumar

There are generally two types of leveling staff

A. Folding type 4 Metre leveling staff.
B. Invar precision leveling staff.
How- to- read- levelling - staff

A. Folding type 4 Metre leveling staff -It is made of wood or metal. It has a length is 4 mt and the staff is divided 2 or 3 pieces. Generally, the wooden staff is divided into 2 pieces and the metallic staff is divided into 3 pieces. The folding joint is of the detachable type with a locking device at the back. It is so made of 2 or  3 pieces that may be detached from one another when required to facilitate easy handling and manipulation with one piece. The pieces become rigid and straight when they are locked together. In the above picture of staff shown two types of strips on the staff. one is colored and the other is white. When the observer sees from the leveling instrument then three horizontals and two verticle lines are cut on the level staff. Kept the staff between two vertical lines. The Upper and lower lines are called stadia. The stedia reading is used for horizontal distance measurement and adjustment of the leveling instrument. The long horizontal hair reading used for level calculation.

                                            HOW TO READ LEVELING STAFF

In the above picture there are two types of strips one is colored and the other is white.
The cloured strips reading read as centimeter and the white strips reading is in millimeter.
 Or the least count of leveling staff ( white strip) in millimeter or 0.005 mt.
How- to- read- levelling  -staff
the least count of the leveling staff

Now the staff reading of the above picture is 1.005 mine.

B. Invar precision staff:- The Invar staff is also 3m long. An Invar band is fitted to a wooden staff. The band is graduated in millimeters. It is used precise leveling work.

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