There are two methods available for finding the height of an object.

  1. Tape and ranging rods method.
  2. instrumental method.

1.Tape and ranging rods method.:- This method is used where
the ground is level and the object is accessible.
In the above picture PR be the object whose height to be determined. Where P be the peak and R be the base of the object. Two ranging rod W and U are fixed on the level ground at some distance from R. Two mark V and T marked on the ranging rod W and U. Looking through V and T mark the point Q on the PR. Then VW=TU=QR=h1. Sight the P from V so that S and P are in the same line. Measure the distance WU, WR and ST.

There are two triangles PQV AND STV formed.
PQ= ST/TV*QV  (Here TV=WU and WR=QV)
Thus PR= PQ+h1

2. Instrumental method:-
PROCESS:- Set the theodolite at O, levelled the instrument used plate level and altitude level.   Measured the distance QR with the chain or tape. The angle of elevation A and angle of depression B also measure. Let the distance OR = D. Then use the tan formula.

h2 = D* TAN A
h3=D*TAN B

Total height of the PR : h2+h3
RL OF P= BM+h1+h2
RL OF Q= BM+h1-h2

 In the nowadays height of an object also determined by the use of TOTAL STATION, DRONE SURVEY, etc.

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