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                                                  What is the cadastral survey

A cadastral survey is a part of a land survey, in which the land boundary is examined according to the government report or deed and length and bearing. Cadastral surveys are used to determine government tax, the partition of land, property survey, and development for urban and ruler areas.

                                                  History of cadastral survey
There is no concrete evidence of the old cadastral survey, the cadastral survey. In the world, the cadastral survey was starting in the 16th century.

                                                 Fundamental of cadastral survey

          1. Field survey               2. Record Detail.

           1.  Field survey:- Field survey method is based on the whole to part theory. It is carried on the following method. The field survey starts from a permanently fixed point or trijunction pillar. The following methods are used in the cadastral survey.

A. Chain Survey:- The principle of chain surveying is triangulation. In the chain surveying area to be surveyed is divided into numbers of small triangles. The distance is measured by the sides of the triangles with chain or tape.  


In the chain surveying, no angular measurements are taken. The only care the triangles should be well-conditioned. It is suitable for a small area to be surveyed. The surface should be more or less to be leveled. A small scale of the map to be prepared.
 Procedure:- In the chain surveying surveyed area is divided into no. triangles. surveying start from a reference point and should be closed in another reference point. Used tie line for checking purposes.
After completing the survey work plotting work required for the map.

                Types of the method of plotting in surveying

The main purpose of the chain survey in the cadastral survey is to identify and measure the plot of the land.
                 How to identify and measure the plot of land

B. Plane Table Survey:- The plane table survey also used in cadastral surveying. One advantage of a plane table survey is surveying and plotting works that are simultaneous.



C. Compass OR Theodolite surveying:- In the compass or theodolite survey there are two methods is applied for the cadastral survey. (a) Triangulation

                             what is the triangulation surveying

(b) Traversing

                              Method Of Traversing In Surveying

D. Total Station:- The total station also used in cadastral surveying work. Advantage of the total station they give two types of details in the electronic display. It gives two types of data (a) length and bearing of line (b) The coordinates of the points. work completed fast, and less labor required.

                                      WHAT IS THE TOTAL STATION.

E. GPS SURVEY:- Nowadays GPS is using in a cadastral survey. GPS gives the co-ordinates of the plot boundary in the respect of the geodetic system. 


                         What Is The Gps Survey 

F.  ARIAL PHOTOGRAPHIC SURVEY OR DRONE SURVEY:- In this method the surveyed are is a survey by use of Arial photographic 


                         what is drone survey

2. Record the Details:- After completing the survey work. A record made in the hard copy and soft copy for the property owner and government.

The following details are recorded.
i. Name of the property owner.
ii. Area of the property with the landmark.
iii. Coordinates of the property boundary.
iv. Nature of the property and type.
v. Nature of the soil.

Nowadays record of details is available shp file.




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