WHAT IS G.P.S 

The Global Positioning System is satellite-based navigation and surveying system to determine precise position and time. 

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                                        WHAT IS AN APP

The app is an application that is especially downloaded by a user to a  device.



From the above, these two definitions understood that the G.P.S app is used for navigation, position, location,  surveying, and mapping purposes.

Importance of the G.P.S app in daily life used as a navigator, location, and position finder. These finding data is used in personal, commercial, social, and technical purposes. 

There are generally two types of  G.P.S app, one is installed in a mobile phone and the other is installed in the computer for precise work. The computer G.P.S app is used in different industries. The  G.P.S app is used in daily life for information about the operation, safety, security, social, and many more areas.

The following areas using the G.P.S app.

1. SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY:- The use of G.P.S in the science and technology field for collecting data and information purposes. Like as Biology, Geology, Geography, etc.

2. SURVEYING AND MAPPING;- The use of the G.P.S app in surveying for locating boundary, traversing, triangulation, contouring, excavation measurement, and digitalization of map and many more. The G.P.S gives more accurate data fewer labors and fast work. The data obtained by G.P.S to prepare maps and modeling of maps on TheG.I.S platform.

3. TRANSPORT;- The G.P.S is used in aviation for navigation and operation purposes, In marine, it is also used for navigation purposes, In the surface transport, it is also used for the location of vehicles, traffic, fuel, and safety management.

4.TIME:- The companies use the G.P.S app to maintain records of business transactions and traceability. Major financial institutions use G.P.S to obtain precise time for setting internal clocks used to create financial transaction time stamps. 

5. AGRICULTURE:- The use of G.P.S in agriculture in farm planning, field mapping, soil sampling, tractor guidelines, crop scouting, variable rate applications, guidelines for weather for work and farming.

6. ENVIRONMENT;- The G.P.S is also used to study of the environment like forest, sea, animals, etc.

7. DISASTER MANAGEMENT:- It is also used in disaster relief for finding the exact location.

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