What Is Arc Gis And How Prepare A Gis Map


What Is Arc Gis And How Prepare A Gis Map

 Arc Gis is software. In this software, georeferenced spital data is used to solve the problem regarding planning, mapping, and management.

Nowadays it is used in all branches of science and technology and engineering. It is developed by Environmental Systems Research Institute (Esri).   

Arc Gis contains four types of applications.

1.Arc Map. 2. Arc Scene.   3. Arc Globe.    4.Arc Catalog.

1. Arc Map. Arc map is used generally to add data, analyze data, georeferencing data, editing data, creating a map, and another desktop converting purposes.

What- Is -Arc- Gis -And- How- Prepare- A -Gis- Map

There are three steps to prepare a map.
A. Add data
B. Georeferencing

A. Add data:- After opening a desktop ArcMap click on the File menu drop down the pointer and kept on Add data. Many types of add data function show on the desktop. 
What -Is- Arc- Gis -And -How- Prepare- A- Gis- Map

Then click on add data in form jpeg formate. If you have any scanned map you can add it. 
What- Is - Gis- And- How -Prepare -A -Gis- Map
If you have any measurement data in the XY form of EXCEL formate you can also add it. For adding XY data go to Add Data then select on Add XY Data, after a click on Add XY Data an open an Add data dialogue box.
What- Is- Arc -Gis- And- How- Prepare- A- Gis- Map

First, fill the browse file where the measurement data kept. After filling, the browse file then specifies the filed for XYZ coordinate data. After filing the XYZ form the go-to coordinate system of input co-ordinates. Click on the edit button and filled the in which co-ordinate system from your measurement data bassed. if your coordinate system on the local grid then need not edit the co-ordinate system table.

for more information about Add data see in this video

B. Georeferencing:- After Add, the data georeferencing is required. Right-click on the image and go to the data frame properties. A data frame properties dialogue box is open. Select the coordinate system and edit the coordinate system in which coordinate system of the image from the list. Then apply and O.K. 
What- Is -Arc- Gis -And -How -Prepare -A Gis- Map

>In the georeferencing toolbar go to the Add control points. In the above picture, we are seeing one verticle and one horizontal line crossed at a point. The horizontal line shows the latitude of that point. The verticle line shows the longitude of that point. After the left click on add control points, the pointer is changed in form of +sign. Left-click on crossing point and then right-click and input the longitude and latitude value of the upper left corner of the map. Go on all the crossing points with the same process. Georeferenced the map. In the last crossing point, you will see some difference between the georeferenced point and the actual point this the error of georeferencing. To view the link table in the georeferencing toolbar and save the error of georeferencing. Expand the georeferencing toolbar and then click on rectify. Save your image where you want, and then click on update georeferencing.

C.Digitalization:-After the georefrence of image digitalization is require. Go to catlog and create a new folder . Right click on the new folder and go to new and then shape file. left click on the shape file a create new shape file dialogue box open. 

What -Is -Arc- Gis- And -How -Prepare -A -Gis -Map
Fill up the requirement in dialogue box, then stat the editing.click on create feature and then in construction tool. after complete editing stop the editing and save .
For add attribute table see this video.

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