How to measure excavated material from mines


How to measure excavated material from mines

How to measure excavated material from mines

 Upendra Kumar

The purpose of the measurement of excavated material in the mines is a calculated quantity of excavated material. The process of excavation of the underground and opencast is different, Then the method of measurement of also different. In underground mining, the measurement of excavation is done by after the mining out the mineral, but in the open cast, the measurement work starts before the start of the mining.

                   The work should be done before starting mining.

1.In In the virgin area of the quarry construct the masonry pillars at 30 mt of the interval. All pillars will be constructed in the virgin area of the quarry where pillars are not disturbed when the mining operation is running. The pillars are so constructed that when they are joined in one direction. A series of parallel lines are formed in the general direction of the proposed face. A baseline is made on the masonry pillars. write the number on masonry pillars. Takecoordinate and also take a reduced level of every pillar. Another masonry pillars are constructed at a right angle to a series of pillars are constructed first time on the virgin area.
How- to- measure - excavated -material -from- mines

 These two lines are called the reference line. which should be utilized for drawn 15 mt grid lines which is parallel to reference lines on both sides.
 Before start, the mining operation surveyor carries out an initial survey and level work on 15 mt intervals with the help of Theodolite, total station, or the auto level.
Thereafter every month survey and level carry out of the excavated area for making a new profile of the quarry.
How- to- measure -excavated- material- from- mines

If required separate volume of the strata or volume of soil take the RL before drilling and blasting started.

For stone take the RL of coal top and for coal take the RL floor of the coal seam.
How -to -measure - excavated -material- from -mines

First, calculate the total excavation volume.
Total excavation= R.L OF OGL- RL OF Coal floor
The volume of soil     = R.L of ogl- stone top.
The volume of stone = R.L of stone top- R.L of coal top.
The volume of coal = R.L of coal top - R.L of coal floor.

Plot the grid on a small scale map and write the RL of different strata of a different color and finally calculate the section-wise area on the 15 mt grid.
 Calculate the volume by trapezoidal rule or any other suitable rule or software.

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