TOP 15 Applications of Gis


TOP 15 Applications of Gis

 Upendra Kumar

                                                   What Are The GIS Applications

GIS is a computer-based tool used for queries, store, and edit of spatial and non-spatial data, analyze spatial information, visually share, and present as a map.

There are two types formats of gis applications 

i. Open-source:- Open -Source Gis software are free and Source code is available.     

Qgis, Google Earth, Grass Gis, Whitebox Gat,gvSIG,U Dig, Open jump are open- source GIS Software.

ii. Commercial:-Commercial Gis software has paid subscription or one time per user.

 Arc Gis, Global mapper, Mapitude gis, Autocad map 3D,ENVI, ERDAS ,Geosoft and Manifold system,etc

These are commercial Gis softwares.

      Nowadays many GIS applications are available in the world, but I am describing the top 15 most popular GIS application.

1. Arc Gis;-Arc Gis is a platform for geographical information systems and its use for creating, manage, share, and analyze spatial data. It is developed by the environmental system research Institute. Arc Gis is the paid subscription software. Arc Gis contains no. of tools. Arc gis contain, Arc Map, Arc catalogue, Arc scene, and Arc Desktop.


TOP -15 - Applications -of -Gis

   2. QGIS or QUANTUM  GIS:- QGIS or QUANTUM GIS is an open-source geographical information system software application. It can be installed free of cost on a desktop.  Q gis supports vectors and raster layers. Vectors layer is stored in point, polyline, and polygon formed and raster layer stored multiple types of the image also supports shapes files, Dxf files, etc. Arc Gis has a full setup of editing and topology tools. Arc Gis has the cartography option for print and web mapping. The current version of qgis is 3.16.3. Qgis has also contained post gis and Grass gis for gis users. Qgis contain multiple layers.In the q gis contained a print layout for preparing the map. 

TOP -15  -Applications -of -Gis
Qgis software

Qgis has some common function of Arc Gis

i. Geocoding:-To create the point on the map for the address. 

ii. Overlay:- Superimposed two or more layers or maps in the same coordinate system.

iii. Georefrence:- To align geographical data in maps or layers.

iv. Select by attribute:-Find the selected attribute from selected features.

v. Buffer Zone:-To create a buffer zone around the feature in-unit as a distance or time.

vi. Network Analysis:- To find the distance of feature from the traveled network.

vii. Join:- Join the table from the attribute.

viii. viewable analysis:- To view the location of selection.

      3. GOOGLE EARTH:- Google Earth is a computer-based online mode program.   This software-rendered the 3d satellite image of the earth. Google earth is used in superimposing the map on a satellite image of aerial photography, Remote sensing gis data for analyzing place, object, and many more on the earth. Google earth is developed by Google.Google earth is also used in arc gis and another gis package for data analytic purposes.

TOP- 15 - Applications -of- Gis
Google Earth

4. Global Mapper:- Global Mapper is a cutting-edge Gis software application. It is used for spital data processing, analyzing, and visualization. Global Mapper is affordable and easy-to-use software for experienced and beginner users. The global mapper is all in one software. 
The Global mapper contained no. of features like as data importing and exporting, accesses to online data, flexible view interface, digitizing,  feature reading, terrain analysis, map printing, and web publishing,3d data,point cloud, Lidder, geocoding, and many features available. 

 5. Grass Gis:-Grass Gis is also GIS software. It is used for geospatial data management and analysis, image processing, and producing maps. It is free and open-source software. Grass Gis contained 350 modules to render data and images on monitors and papers. Manipulate the raster and vector data. Create, manage, and stored the spatial data.
TOP -15  -Applications- of -Gis

     6.Whitebox Gat:- Whitebox Gat is a free and open-source it is best for advanced geospatial data analysis and remote sensing software package. It has both environmental and geomatics study applications.It has one unique feature to manage LIDAR DATA. White box gat has the most common tools such as Gis tools, Image processing tool, Terrain analysis tool, and LIDAR tool and also 400 analysis tools.
TOP -15 - Applications- of -Gis
7:-MapitudeGis and Mapping solution:-Mapitude gives the tools for mapping, analyzing, and understand how geography affects you and your business. Mapitude gis provides desktop mapping and spatial analysis with an easy to use-package, know exactly where your customers, see where sales are highest, find hidden opportunities, spot geographical patterns and trends.
TOP -15 - Applications- of -Gis
8.gvSIG;-gvSIG is also a GIS, It used in complex management and solving planning problems. This is open-source software. It works with both format raster,vector and database remote service. In this software contains all type of tools for analyzing, manage gis data.
TOP -15 - Applications- of -Gis
gv SIG

9. u DIG:-This is an open-source platform and used for basic mapping.
TOP -15 - Applications- of -Gis
This has a map import and drag and drop interface. This is also has editing tools and vector operation. This is an open-source platform.
10. Open Jump:-Open jump is an open-source geographical information system.  This is written on the java language program. In open jump can read and write the shape files, spatial data.
TOP- 15  -Applications -of- Gis
open- jump 

 11. AutoCAD Map 3D:- AutoCAD Map 3D is the best and powerful software for Cad and Gis work. Incorporate geographic information system and CAD data with an industry-specific toolset for GIS and 3D mapping.
TOP -15  -Applications -of- Gis

12 ENVI:- ENVI is the best and power full software with a full package for remote sensing. NENVI is the image analysis software. ENVI is used by gis professional, remote sensing scientist, and image analysis to correct information from imagery.
TOP- 15 - Applications- of- Gis

13 ERDAS;- ERDAS Imagine is a world-class geospatial data authoring system. ERDAS has a powerful geospatial image processing, analysis, remote sensing, and gis package.

TOP -15  -Applications -of- Gis

14.GEOSOFT:- Geosoft used in the extension of arc gis for analysis of geology extension and it is used exploration purpose of geology.

TOP -15 - Applications -of -Gis

15.MANIFOLD SYSTEM:-Manifold system is the geographical information system software. Manifold System is run on Microsoft window, It is work on raster and vector data also.

TOP -15  -Applications- of -Gis

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