What Is The Geographical Information System(GIS)


What Is The Geographical Information System(GIS)


What- Is -The -Geographical- Information -System(GIS)

A Geographical Information System is hardware and software tools used for the manipulation and management of digital spatial, geographical, and attribute data. This geographical reference data is also linked in the topographical, demography, utility, facility, image, and other resource data. The Geographical Information System is a rapidly growing technology.

The GIS is developed in 1960 in the field of mapping. When the require storage of the map in computer with simple code. The different map data or different features to show in the single map was a difficult task. This problem is solved by the use of GIS. After the developed GIS the map user easily to view update, query, analyze, combine and manipulate the geographical, imagery data, and spatial data in a single platform of GIS. The GIS has also solved the location difficulty of an object or area on the earth.

In the GIS the location of an object, area, or place located by longitude and latitude. After the found the location of the object, place, and area. Then the use of GIS technology the many types of data capture, data management, data manipulation, and data analysis.

Nowadays in GIS software data is collected from conventional surveys, Gps surveys, Georeferenced scanned maps, Remote sensing surveys. These data is can be assembled with spatial data of an object or area and place.

In the GIS software these data shown in two forms. 

1.Graphical form

2. text or attribute tabular form.

The GIS is used mostly following field.

A. Mapping, Surveying, Engineering, environment, Natural Resources development, Medical, and agriculture.

B. Cultural or social activities, Market research, census, demographics, and Socio-Economic Studies.

                               ADVANTAGE OF WORK WITH GIS SOFTWARE

The GIS is also used in computer cartographic systems for display maps, printing, editing, and drafting.

Store and update large amounts of data. To prepare a thematic layer of the map. Import and export the map. Stored data is also used for the prepared map on different Scales.



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