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 1.DUMPY LEVEL:-The Dumpy Level is a simple, compact, and stable instrument to determine the elevation of points. The Dumpy level is an optical instrument used in surveying and building to transfer, measure, or set horizontal levels. In this instrument, the telescope is rigidly fixed to its supports and therefore can neither be rotated about its longitudinal axis. Nor can it be removed from its supports. It has greater stability of adjustment than the Y level.

Parts of Dumpy Level

It was invented around the 1830s.

2. AUTOMATIC LEVEL:-The Automatic level is a self-aligning level instrument The fundamental difference between the self-aligning level and the classic spirit level is that in the former the line of sight is no longer leveled manually using a tubular spirit level but is leveled automatically. The automatic level does not require any protection from the sun. Automatic level is a high precision instrument in the forward and backward leveling it has the error between +- 0.5 to 0.8 mm per km. The time required for leveling work is about 50% of that required with ordinary level. The accuracy of a single measurement is increased by an erect telescope image, the leveling rods with erect figures in proper sequence, freedom from fatigue, the possibility of forgetting to get the bubble in the center as well as simple and quick means of operation. The external influences like marshy ground, rain, wind, sun, loss of light due to clouds, magnetic fields, continuous vibration, transport vibrations, have no influence on the leveling work. The level can be used on medium and large-sized projects and setting bench marks of the 3rd to 1st order.
automatic level


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