Create Dem surface In Arc Gis


Create Dem surface In Arc Gis

                                              WHAT IS DEM SURFACE

 The most common digital data of the shape of the earth's surface is cell-based digital elevation models (DEMs). This data is used as input to quantify the characteristics of the land surface.


Open the Arc Map

Go to File >Add data>Add XY data...

Create -Dem- surface- In -Arc Gis

Fill in the Add XY dialogue box. Select the data table where placed. The data table should be .csv formate. Select the Xyz field. Edit the coordinate system. Then press OK.

All coordinates of the table are drawn on the drawing area in the form of the points.
Create- Dem- surface- In -Arc Gis

After the create points in the drawing. Then go to the Arc toolbox.

Arc toolbox>click on 3D Analyst tools>Raster interpolation> click on kriging.

Create- Dem- surface- In -Arc Gis

Select the point input point features,z value field, and output surface raster. Press ok.
Then a raster dataset is drawn on the drawing sheet.
Create- Dem -surface- In -Arc Gis

you can also create the dem file the use of IDW and spline tool in arc gis 

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