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How To Create Cropped Surface AutoCAD Civil 3d.

 The creation of cropped surface required a tin surface. After opening the tin surface drawing go to the home the create ground data pannel. Dropdown the surface and select create  cropped surface.

           Home>create ground data>surface>Create cropped surface

After selecting the create cropped surface a create cropped surface dialogue box is open.
How -To -Create -Cropped- Surface- AutoCAD- Civil 3d.

After the opening create cropped surface dialogue box that goes to the crop information in the properties.

Select the surface in the value whose select surface to crop.

Select  the <Selection method> in value window 
How -To- Create -Cropped -Surface- AutoCAD Civil 3d.

In the new surface select 

Drawing for new surface<Create a new drawing

Create a new drawing select create a new drawing from templet

You can change the rest value in create cropped surface dialogue box. Then ok.

How- To -Create -Cropped- Surface- AutoCAD Civil 3d.

you can change the edit surface style in the prospector into the tool space.

You can also watch the video on surface creation 

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