User Interface Of AutoCAD Civil 3D


User Interface Of AutoCAD Civil 3D


                                WHAT IS THE AUTOCAD CIVIL 3D

Autocad Civil 3D is used as design software with integrated features to improve drafting, design, and construction documentation. It has more features than normal AutoCAD software.

After installing the AutoCAD Civil 3D and starting the AutoCAD a drawing sheet template is opened. The drawing sheet template has many interfaces.

Interface of AutoCAD civil 3D

AutoCAD has the no. of the interface around the drawing template but here I am discussing major components of the AutoCAD civil 3 D user interface.

1. The Application Menu:- The left top of the drawing sheet has a logotype application the application menu is present.

After clicking on the arrow of the application menu common commands are open.
User- Interface- Of- AutoCAD- Civil 3D
Application menu of civil 3d


The application menu has three common commands.

A. New

A. New Command:- The new command is used to create a new drawing file. The new command is open to two options. Start a new drawing with the selected drawing template file and create a sheet set data file that manages drawing layouts, file paths, and project data.

B. Open Command:- Open command is used to open an existing drawing file.
C. Save Command:-Save command is used to save the current drawing using the specified default file format. If the drawing is named, the program saves the drawing and does not request a new file name. Use the SAVE AS command if you need to save a drawing with a different name.

2. The Quick Accesses Toolbar:-The quick access toolbar contains frequently used commands.
User- Interface -Of -AutoCAD- Civil 3D

To add a command to quick accesses toolbar.
Right-click on the which we want to add to the command from the ribbon tool.
select the Add To Quick Access Toolbar.

i. Right-click the quick accesses toolbar.

ii. Click on the quick access toolbar.

iii. In the customize user interface editor, drag a command list to the position you want to be displayed on the quick access toolbar.

iv. Click on OK.

Remove a command from the quick access toolbar.

i. In the quick access toolbar right-click the command you want to remove.

ii. Click remove from access toolbar.

If you want to show surface command in the quick access toolbar then right-click on the surface tab in the ribbon tool and select on add to quick access toolbar.

User- Interface -Of- AutoCAD -Civil 3D

3. Ribbon:- The ribbon is the main menu of the user interface of civil 3D, The ribbon provides a compact palette of all of the tools necessary to create or modify drawings. 

User- Interface- Of- AutoCAD- Civil 3D

 The ribbon is composed of a series of tabs like Home, Insert, Annotate, Modify ............. The ribbon is divided into task-based tabs. Each tab contains many tools and ina panel and controls available in the toolbar. Each tool work as a command button.

User- Interface- Of- AutoCAD- Civil 3D
Some of these buttons have drop-down arrows, which expand out to show additional related commands. You'll also find that some panels have a drop-down arrow that expands to show more commands on those panels as well.
User- Interface- Of- AutoCAD- Civil 3D

4. TOOL SPACE:-Toolspace is a location where your data is stored in your drawing and it has different tabs. By default, program shows four tabs, prospector, settings, survey, and toolbox.
User- Interface- Of- AutoCAD- Civil 3D

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