How To Georeferenced an Image Of Map In AutoCAD Civil 3D


How To Georeferenced an Image Of Map In AutoCAD Civil 3D

 The new version of  Autocad Civil 3D has tools for georeferenced of any type of map or drawing, for georeference, a map has three steps. 

1. Insert the map or open the drawing in the drawing sheet. If you have an image map then insert the map in the AutoCAD drawing sheet. If you have a drawing sheet then open the drawing direct in the drawing sheet.

Go to insert the toolbar in the drawing sheet.

Insert > Left click > select the image reference file or drawing.

How -To -Georeference -a -Map-  In- AutoCAD Civil 3D

Then attach the image

2. SCALING OF THE MAP:- To scale the map after inserting. Measure the length of scale drawn on the map and calculate the map scale factor.

Map scale factor= Value of a unit of the scale ÷Value of the measured length of a unit of the scale 

How- To- Georeferenced- an- Image -Of  -Map - In AutoCAD Civil 3D
After they calculate the map scale factor write the scale in command.

Scale>Select Objects>Enter>Specify base point>Specify scale factor or[copy reference].

 3. GEOREFRENCED THE MAP: For georeference of the go to the corner of the where coordinates are writen and convert the coordinates in decimal degrees formate.
How -To- Georeferenced -an- Image- Of - Map - In AutoCAD Civil 3D

If coordinates are not given in the map then go to the on the ground and take coordinates reading on the ground with reference to the map.

write the command Geo or Geographical location in the civil 3d and select map or file.
Write the coordinates in the specified location in the address bar 
How -To -Georeferenced -an -Image -Of-  Map  -In AutoCAD Civil 3D

specify location >click on drop marker here> next> select UTM zone> next> select a point for location on map>enter

your map got georeferenced. you can also show the geolocation mark on the ground.

How -To- Georeferenced -an -Image -Of-  Map - In AutoCAD Civil 3D

For making kml or kmz files use the map export command.

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