create shape file in Auto Cad civil 3d


create shape file in Auto Cad civil 3d

 The shapefile format is a geospatial vector data format for geographic information system (GIS) software It is developed and regulated by ESRI. The shapefile format can spatially describe vector features: points, lines, and polygons, representing, for example, water wells, rivers, and lakes. Each item usually has attributes that describe it, such as name or temperature. or The shapefile format is a digital vector storage format for storing geographic location and associated attribute information.
create- shape- file- in -Auto- Cad -civil -3d
point .shp 

create- shape- file- in -Auto -Cad -civil -3d
line .shp

create -shape- file -in -Auto -Cad -civil -3d
polygon .shp

The shapefile is also made in Auto Cad Civil 3D by using the georeferenced map. Drawing should be in the geographical coordinates' system.

For the made shapefile in auto cad civil 3d, Georeferenced the map and draw a point or polyline in the geographical coordinates' system. 
create- shape -file- in -Auto -Cad -civil -3d

In command write Mapexport

Map export> Export location dialogue box>write file name>OK

Then export dialogue box is open.

create -shape- file- in- Auto- Cad -civil -3d

 In the export dialogue box in the selection box select object type, select object to export, etc.

In the data select attributes.
In the option select coordinates conversion. then OK

Now open the new drawing sheet and type the command map import.
mapimport> import location dialogue box>file name> file type>ok

create- shape- file -in -Auto -Cad -civil -3d

create- shape- file- in -Auto -Cad- civil- 3d


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