How To Digitizing A map in Autocad Civil 3D


How To Digitizing A map in Autocad Civil 3D

                                  What is The Digitizing a Map

Digitizing is the process of converting a paper-based map's graphical information into a digital format, or tracing the data from the paper map into a DWG file.  the digitizing process take the information from a raster image or paper-based map and enter it into digital format. The data is also linked to objects and stored the data in the attributes.

There are some points kept in the mind before digitizing a map.
1. Lebel points- A lebel point is used to insert text to describe each digitized object.
2. Layer- A layer is used to organize, simplify and view the data. Each map data has separate layers.
3. Block name or Line type:- Use a different type of line type for different types of map data.

For digitizing the map the map image should be on a scale and coordinates system.

How -To- Digitizing -A- map -in- Autocad -Civil -3D

The above map is based on longitude and latitude or degree minute. so that this map is not digitized on this coordinates system in AutoCAD, so have to convert these coordinates system into projected coordinates system. After converting the projected coordinate system draw four-point on the drawing sheet on the projected coordinates system. Join these points with the polyline.

How- To -Digitizing -A -map- in -Autocad -Civil -3D

Insert the image near the draw point.
Click insert tab > insert raster image.

Go to tools in planning and analysis in the workspace, Go to the rubber sheet icon or command ADERSHEET.
Select basepoint 1 on the map and select ADERSHEET reference point on 1.
ADERSHEET basepoint 2 and select ADERSHEET reference point on 2.

The process continues, in this map, four points are rubber sheets.

ADERSHEET select object. Press enter.

How- To- Digitizing- A -map- in -Autocad -Civil- 3D
rubber sheet image

                                       DIGITIZATION OF A IMAGE MAP

Before the digitization of a map first sets digitization settings.

Go to command:-mapdigisetup>enter
Digitize setup dialogue box is open.
How- To -Digitizing- A -map- in- Autocad- Civil -3D

In the digitized setup dialogue box, there are two types of object types.

Nodes and linear and also select attach data or prompt for lebel point.
Select layers and blocks name.
Filed prompt type then O.K

Then start the digitization of the image map.

Go to command < MAPDIGITIZE<Specify insertion point.

Complete insertion point.

Fill the dialogue box for linear digitization.

See the properties box for a description.

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