How To Measure plot of land


How To Measure plot of land

How- To- Measure-  plot -of -land

As  we know that Land is very useful for living and non-living things on the earth. We use the land as Agricultural, Residential, Industrial etc. purpose. In this article i am describing how to measure a land. 

Measurement of land is a subject of surveying. Now days there are two types of survey technique  are using for measurement of land. 

1. Survey with use of Chain, tape and angular instruments.
2. Survey with modern survey instruments.

1. Survey with use of Chain, tape and angular instruments. It include manual measurement.

How -To -Measure-  plot -of -land

We know that the lands has two type of basic shape. (a) Regular (b) irregular.

(a) Regular shape of land has geometric shape such as Rectangle, Square, Triangle ,Trapezium etc.
How -To -Measure - plot -of- land


PROCESS:- In the above picture two types plots. one plot is squared shape and one is 
rectangle shape. Measure the all the sides of the plot. Calculate the area of the plots uses geometrical formula.


How-To -Measure - plot -of -land

Area Calculation Formula

How -To -Measure-  plot- of- land

These  are some  general shape and area calculation method  regular shape of land plot . Generally use the measurement by tape there measurement unit is feet or meter and area unit is decimal, acer, hectare, km² etc. If the measurement is done by chain. The no .of chain and links are convert in above unit.

 (b) Irregular shape:- Irregular shape of land hasn't geometric shape. Its like as zigzag etc.  when measured the irregular shape of the plot the measurement is divided by regular shape.

Then calculate the area of no. of regular shapes and sum  is total area of irregular shape land plot.

How -To -Measure - plot -of -land

In the above picture ABCD is a boundary of a land plot whose area to be measured and calculate.

Right angled the point B on the line AD, measure the length30m BG and AG 15m.
Measure and point C,D,E and F doing same procedure mark on the ground.




2. Survey with modern survey instruments.:- Now days survey is being done by modern survey instrument like as TOTAL STATION, EDM, DGPS, and DRONE etc. These instruments are work on light wave, sound wave , satellite data etc.

(a) Total station:-

Total Station is an electronic or optical instrument for measure angle, distance and coordinates. It is a combination of transit theodolite with electronic distance meter. 

How- To -Measure - plot- of- land

 In the above picture set the total station and take the reading of A,B,C,D,E,F,G and H points.

Plot the reading  in the software and then calculate the area.

(b) DGPS:-
The Global Positioning System is satellite-based navigation and surveying system to determine precise position and time.

Same procedure as total station reading taken of each point by the robber.

(c) Drone survey-Drone survey has the basis of aerial Photographic Surveying. It is most suitable for small scale mapping.
What is a drone:- Drone is an aircraft, has without a pilot on board.
How- To -Measure - plot -of -land

After measure the land from modern survey instrument , the following software used to calculate the area and plot the work.
(i) AutoCAD
(ii) Arc gis
( iii) Any other land development software.

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